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Breton Cassette release # 036

En Caul cassette edition by Pernille Meidell 


One year ago I was invited to collaborate with visual art colleague Malin Bulow; to compose music for her upcoming dance piece En Caul at Rosendal Teater May 2023. 

The original piece for the performance is 60 minutes of audible content divided into 5 chapters.

The compositions are slowly developed, with repetition as a basic element in the melodic chapters. 

Pulled- slowly shifted movements, monotone & muted- an audible translation of fluidity and shifting weight in the dancers body are leading elements in the 5 compositions.

En Caul cassette edition is shortened to 45 minutes to be able to fit on cassette format.

Thank you to both Malin and Marie for giving me the opportunity to be part of your project- and for the trust in my music.

A warm congratulation for the a wonderful performance you made at Rosendal Teater May 2023 <3


En Caul cassette edition is mastered by Adam Badí Donoval

Photo artwork cassette edition: Atle Auran

Documentation cassette edition: Erik Mowinckel

En Caul Cassette edition is supported by NBK (Association of Norwegian Visual Artists)



“En Caul is like a dazzlingly lit geometric lung that breathes in time with the performer's movements. This is a performance that examines the individual body, and becomes a projection of the human psyche – an existential deep dive where muscles, tendons and skin become carriers of internal contradictions and tension”


En Caul -performance Rosendal Teater May 2023:

Concept, idea, visuelt visual expression & scenography: Malin Bülow

Choreograhpy: Marie Rechsteiner og Malin Bülow

Performer: Marie Rechsteiner

Music: Pernille Meidell

Mastered: Adam Badí Donoval

Light Design: Phillip Isaksen

Costume/special effects: Ragnhild Prestholt

Technician: Sebastian Sanders

Outer eye: Ingrid Fiksdal


En Caul is supported by Kulturrådet, Fond for lyd og bilde, Trøndelag fylkeskommune, FFUK, Trondheim kommune, Sparebank 1 SMN

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