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Breton Cassette proudly share cassette publication # 040

Geardu gierdu - Bone pieces by Elina Waage Mikalsen.

This is Elina Waage Mikalsens second collaboration with Breton Cassette following up Rođu Govkkit Glenner i Vier from 2020.
Geardu gierdu - Bone pieces is a sensitive and expressive exploration of the nighttime and it’s transformational powers. Through improvisations later restructured and recomposed, Sámi artist and experimental musician Elina Waage Mikalsen works with voice, fieldrecording and her grandmothers suohpponstuolett (loom). Together this constitutes the stem for her music, which does not move forward, but in circles.

-Elina Waage Mikalsen

The blue hour is the periode of twilight at dawn or dusk, where a significant blue color transform to a complete blackness swallowing our capacity to see clearly. Going from one state to the other
For some- this darkness activate a strong sense of imagintion where a whole new world appears, in our sleep, as an underworld- a feeling that we are not alone.
At the beginning of Geardu gierdu - Bone pieces I imagine this blue hour. As I have reached half of the first track Slow Dance 1, an alarming sound gives me a feeling that there could be more hidden in the darkness- than solitude of the poetic blue hour.
Sounds from breathing, squeaking noise, squealing, could this be sounds from a dream? one that captures you- wouldnt leave you. Is someone following me?
Thank you Elina for making this dreamy, alluring, haunting and very beautiful album with me and Breton Cassette.

<3 Pernille

Elina Waage Mikalsen is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Tromsø, currently living in Oslo. She works with sound, performance, textile, installation and text. Elina has her background in art and film, and was awared the title Young Artist of the Year at the international indigenous festival Riddu Riđđu in 2015. Since then she has participated in a number of group exhibitions and performance programmes. Elina's artistic work is strongly intertwined with her Sami and Norwegian background.

Edition: 30 + digital
Music, lyrics: Elina Waage Mikalsen
Translation to Northern Sámi: Juho-Sire/Siri Broch Johansen
Mastering: Adam Badí Donoval
Image: Ingrid Bjørnaali
Cover design: Montserrat Llampallas
Thanks to:
Pernille Meidell, Magnus Holmen, Viktor Bomstad, Erik Mowinckel, Esben Slaatrem, Trine Samuelsen, Alexander Rishaug and Vasstrand with all it’s being
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