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Breton Cassette proudly present release # 018

Sintesi Onirica by Grotta Veterano


Dear Friends,
What you are about to hear is a sincere and passionate homage to the great era of Italian minimalism. Inside I put vibrations that refer to Messina, Battiato, Cacciapaglia and obviously also something of the "Maestro".
However, I didn´t mean it as a pastiche. It s quite a long journey that starts from the first track "Sintesi Onirica", which is also the first track I assembled and which started the idea of this record.

Despite the desired repetition and obsessivness in the reiteration of themes, if you close your eyes and focus on the flow of sounds, you will actually feel that there are different levels of listening, an many details to pay attention to. Or you can just let it ring out in the air and do whatever you like.


-Grotta Veterano

Mastered by Adam Badí Donoval
Graphic design Nicola Narbone
Cover photos by Francesca Tebaldini

Risographrinted j card by Hverdag books
Documentation photos Erik Mowinckel

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  • Bandcamp Sosial Ikon
  • Soundcloud Social Ikon
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