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Breton Cassette is proud to present cassette release 029 

Here Is Always Somewhere Else by Jenny Berger Myhre 

Big ❤ to Jenny for being a wonderful artist and becoming my friend 

Here Is Always Somewhere Else is a collection of sonic postcards sent between Jenny and Camila de Laborde from January to November 2020, in a time where traveling was out of the question. Sewn together by a voice correspondence between Jenny and her friend Camila, this album is a diary of recordings from travels in Sweden, Mexico, Japan, Palestine, Lithuania as well as at home in Oslo. Intertwining soundscapes, conversations and improvisations with fragments of songs on organ, clarinet, piano and modular synths, Jenny offers this listening session as a portal to the sounds and encounters in these places. 

Thank you: 
Niklas Adam for your endless patience and support, and Pernille Meidell for giving this a place in the world. 
Cisser Mæhl, Guoste Tamulynaite, Vilde Sandve Alnæs, Inga Margrete Aas, Maya Khaldi, Jason Dungan, Camila & Manuela de Laborde, Pía Laborde-Noguez, Urte Janus, Jo David Meyer Lysne, Jenny Hval, Einar Goksøyr Åsen, Svein Terje Torvik, Esben Slaatrem Titland, Daniel Meyer Grønvold, Ohnesorg and my dear family. Thank you for enabling these sonic events, and for listening along the way. In loving memory of Liv Klaussen who shot the photo on the cover. 

Parts were originally composed as commissions for Borealis — en festival for eksperimentell musikk (Notas y notas y notas…), and Spikersuppa Lydgalleri (Chidoribashi). Here Is Always Somewhere Else was first assembled for RUMMUR_radio in November 2020. Warm thanks to Peter Meanwell, Maia Urstad, Eva Rowson and Andreas Hald Oxenvad for asking me to make these pieces. 

The title “Here Is Always Somewhere Else” comes from the Bas Jan Ader documentary directed by Rene Daalder 
The title “Growing up is for trees” comes from Øivin Horvei 

Supported by Arts Council Norway and Kulturetaten Oslo Kommune. 
© 2022 Breton Cassette & Jenny Berger Myhre 
All rights reserved (TONO) 


Jenny Berger Myhre is a multidisciplinary artist working with sound, video, performance and photography. Her work explores and exposes the personal in an honest and curious manner. Coming from the DIY scene in Oslo, Jenny's approach to music making is versatile and open, with an apparent love for the unpolished - referencing the electro-acoustic music tradition as well as experimental pop. She is seeking to remove the expectations of virtuous musical gestures by focusing on the sounds in themselves, and the mental images they produce in us, inspired by listening as a relational act — a way to connect to the world and to other beings. 

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