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Breton Cassette proudly share cassette publication # 042 

Here we are by Perimeter O 
in collaboration with 
Tag Andersson (Wood box) 


"Here we are" comes in two seperate limited editions of 8.

One edition is housed in a handmade wooden box made by Tag Andersson, while the other edition is housed in a pink plastic cover with a j card.

They are both available on Breton Cassette's Bandcamp page together with the digital version. 


A big thank you to Tag Andersson for making these wonderful wooden boxes using a varied selection of materials such as maple, birch, beech, yellow heart and brass.


Here we are through movement in circles, while looking at a stone, a flame, at someone running fast and also at times walking backwards. 
For some reason none of the objects looked real, but at times i swear they floated of light and shimmered of melancholy. 


-Perimeter O 

On my first listen to “Here we are”, 
I felt a strong sense of intimacy. 

Not in the sense of how the word is understood when referring 
to a relationship 
between two (or more) people. 
more as a reference to an atmosphere. 
A sense of calm, 

also, a quite personal atmosphere. 
in the sense of us listeners, 
getting to enter Perimeter O’s sound world. 
Not from afar 
But placed front and centre. 

As she whispers, 
a gentle, 
We are invited into a very special place. 
Of warbling sounds. 
Sounds, that flicker. 
Tones that sparkle. 
Diamond shaped formations. 
Sun glitter. 


An ever-present 
feeling of, 
being safe. 

With this album 
Perimeter O has made a sound work that sounds like nothing or no one else. 
Expressing her art, 
through her own distinct voice 


-Trond Jervell 
Perimeter O is the recording name of visual artist/sound artist Pernille Meidell. On a daily basis she works as a nurse and runs Breton Cassette. As well as making music under the moniker Perimeter O, she is half of the duo Dachs with Erik Mowinckel. 
Tag Andersson is a pseudonym created by Bergen-based artist Andrew Taggart to frame a drawing practice rooted in formal principles of line, colour, rhythm, and composition. Using various techniques in combination with collage, printmaking, and woodworking, his work takes inspiration from vernacular objects, architecture, and experimental forms of music.  

Music and production by Perimeter O 
Wood box design and production Tag Andersson 
Mixed by Erik Mowinckel 
Mastered by Adam Badi Donoval 
Text by Trond Jervell

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