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Homing by Liis Ring

After one year of working together, Canigou Records and Breton Cassette are so happy to announce that Homing by Liis Ring (EE) is released today everywhere

Homing is available digitally as well as physically as an edition of 100 limited edition (and rather beautiful) cassette packages containing Liis’ most recent sound work and 75 original photos, collected in handmade cases. You can listen and buy through the link in our bio.

The photos and sound for this release were captured and recorded by Liis between 2018 and 2023 and can be seen as fragmented memories from an ongoing search for a definition of home. 

Through “Homing”, Liis shares how she as both a musician and a photographer connects her two practices together, and how she sees them as extensions of one another: the sound prolongs the image; the image concretises the sound.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with you for the last year, Liis, and appreciate all the time we have spent together, for the wonderful musician and visual artist you are and for the friendship that has risen out of this collaboration.

Sound, images and text by Liis Ring 
Mastered by the legend Adam Badí Donoval 
Documentation by Erik Mowinckel

Homing is supported by Association of Norwegian Visual A
rtists and Arts and Cultures Norway

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