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Breton Cassette is proud and extremely happy to announce release # 026


“ IN THE SHADE OF THE STRING” by EMACS (Elise Macmillan)


Violinist and musician Elise Macmillan moved from the US to Norway in 2015 to play Hardingfele in Telemark. She currently makes music as EMACS.

Her music has been presented by NyMusikk in Bergen, IRL, Brooklyn NY, Kafé Hærverk, Oslo, and EMS in Stockholm.


“In the Shade of the String” is a song cycle by Elise mixed in her mom's car stereo and released on endless loop cassette 


Get this tape at Breton Cassette bandcamp- I warmly recommend it 

Thank you to Elise for making lovely music, for working with Breton  and becoming a good friend:)


Go to and see the lovely video Fatou Åsbakk has made for “in the shade of the string”


Produced/mixed: Elise Macmillan

Design: Elise Macmillan and Ray Hegelbach

Mastered by Adam Badí Donoval

Documentation: Erik Mowinckel



Itis a 12 minute loop tape.

Remember to use the cassette on one side only.

The side with small screws should be facing out/up.

Do not put into a Auto reverse cassette player.


Produced and mixed by EMACS (Elise Macmillan)

Design/artwork by Elise Macmillan and RAy Hegelbach

Mastered by Adam Badí Donoval

Photos Erik Mowinckel

Film by Fatou Åsbakk

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