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Breton Cassette warmly presents release # 038 

Interiør by Erik Mowinckel 

The cover of Erik Mowinckel's newest release for Breton Cassette is originally a painting by Erik, showing a chair, a lit lamp, a table with some objects, and a ladder leaning against the wall. 
The painting is a still life, a term that is used as a representation of dead or motionless objects, originated from the German word still leben, a quiet life

The album's 7 tracks takes us through 7 different still lifes; through the perspective of one that examines position, composition, color of tone, atmosphere and surroundings. 
Inside looking out, 
or the other way around, 

with distance, 
one room, different views, a day with an ending. 

When listening through Interiør; an image of a closed down summerhouse came to mind. 
Looking in through it`s glass windows, furniture covered up for the season, imagining how the quietness will spread upon everything that stands still. 


Interiør was made in my home studio over a few months during late spring and early summer this year. I knew I wanted to use my own voice on the album, as well as a guitar borrowed from a friend, but the overall sound and framework of the album was unclear to me. As I kept working on the album I came across a photograph on my hard drive of a painting I made in 2015 depicting my apartment. This painting somehow resonated with the music I was making and made me think of how I usually create music as a form of solace, as an act of kindness initially aimed at myself but hopefully extended to others. 
-Erik Mowinckel 


Erik is a musician and photographer, and his photographs are warmly recommended; 

Interiør is his fourth release on the Breton Cassette, after Nattøvelser, Terrace Dweller and 2012-2015.

Music by Erik Mowinckel 
Design by Pernille Meidell 
Painting by Erik Mowinckel 
Mastered by Alex at quiet details studios 


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