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Breton Cassette in collaboration with engraved glass proudly share 

m​ɜ​ː​.​m​ə​ˈ​re​ɪ​.​ʃ​ə​n | p​ə​r​ˈ​f​ɔ​r​.​m​ɪ​ŋ ple​ɪ​s (remixed) by Jez riley French, Pheobe riley Law, Jenny Berger Myhre and Felicity Mangan 


murmuration (noun) - /mɜː.məˈreɪ.ʃən/ - a gathering of listeners 

Each year a new community of listeners gather to explore located listening / sound practices & 
connections to place. The trips, 
curated by Jez & Pheobe, include guest artists & participants from all areas of the arts. 
The 4th murmuration; performing place, Glenshee, Scotland, included everyone involved in this release. 

Our thanks to everyone who joins us at each murmuration. 

Jez & Pheobe 


Jez riley French - eohhw (/ˈtɛntə t ɪ v//) 

field recordings from; 
Pheobe riley Law 
Ase Brunborg Lie w/ Jenny Berger Myhre 
Jiska Huizing 
& of a group interaction session led by myself & Pheobe 

JrF; organ tones, sampler, strings, synthesizer 
Bethan Kellough (strings) 
Coralie Gauthier (harp) 

thanks to Pheobe & Maureen always 

Jez riley French focuses on sound as both material and subject, working with a variety of formats to explore place, sounds outside of our attention, our response to located materials and questioning the dust of bias in the role of perception (and sound histories generally). Jez also activates discussions, curates workshops, works with photographic / text scores and has developed a range of specialist microphones widely used across sound culture. 


Pheobe riley Law - cardboard beaded sym:metry 

The title refers to early memories of attempting to make a set of 
cardboard beaded, symmetrical shoes, & this process of remixing woven sounds including voice, group listening 

recordings from myself (alongside synthesiser, e-piano, sampler), Louise Mackenzie w/ Hayley Jenkins, Jiska Huizing, Jez riley French, Sarah 
Doheny & Coralie Gauthier (harp) 

Pheobe riley Law is an installation artist with a focus on sound, three dimensional art, and image. She takes a magpie approach which involves arranging and building relationships between different bodies, vessels or devices in order to create a dialogue. 


Jenny Berger Myhre - Soft, barbed, wire, moss 

At murmuration the days were 
marked by curiosity, kindness, awe and open ears. The group got into the 
habit of taking evening walks 
together, and in the dusk we sat next to each other by the hillside, listening quietly, recording, playing the fence together. 
This is my memory of the week, with sounds from Cheryl Leonard, Natasha Dubler, Jiska Huizing, Louise 
Mackenzie + Hayley Jenkins, Terje Abusdal, Marianne Thodas, Bethan Kellough (strings & electronics), 
Coralie Gauthier (harp & electronics), & myself. 

Jenny Berger Myhre is a multidisciplinary artist working with sound, video, performance and photography. Her work explores and exposes the personal in an honest and curious manner. Coming from the DIY scene in Oslo, Jenny's approach to music making is versatile and open, with an apparent love for the unpolished - referencing the electro-acoustic music tradition as well as experimental pop 


Felicity Mangan - Romancing the geo’tone 

The remix was inspired and guided by field recordings, which were shared with me and captured during our time together on the Murmuration trip in 2023. 

The sound files were from Asher 
Levitas, Mike Bullock, Louise 
Mackenzie, Hayley Jenkins, Bethan Kellough, Francesco Barbieri and 
Barthelemy Bellendy. 

Felicity Mangan is an Australian sound artist and composer based in Berlin, Germany. In different situations such as solo performances and collaborative projects. Felicity samples and plays her field recordings and found sounds to create quasi-bioacoustic music. 

Master by Adam Bad Donovan 
Coverphoto Pheobe riley Law 
Design, layout Pernille Meidell 
The project is supported by the Arts and Culture Norway 

Thank you for sharing sounds: 
Ase Brunborg Lie, Jiska Huizing, Bethan Kellough, Coralie Gauthier, Louise Mackenzie, Hayley Jenkins, Sarah Doheny, Cheryl Leonard, 
Natasha Dubler, Terje Abusdal, Marianne Thodas, Asher Levitas, Mike Bullock, Francesco Barbieri and Barthelemy Belleudy

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