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Breton Cassette proudly presents release # 45 

"Tides and Wanderings" by Siri Austeen. 

Siri Austeen`s artistic practice is often based on investigative field recordings and long-term projects addressing themes related to the interplay of individual, collective and ecological structures. 

She explores these connections through sound installations, text, performance and public art commissions. Since the early 80s, she has also been involved in various musical projects as part of her practice. 

With the cassette Tides and Wanderings Austeen reflects on concepts such as movement, navigation, coexistence and polyphony, thematized through her own lyrics, field recordings, vocal as well as the use of piano, a self-built bass and her signature instrument the saxopet. 

Composed, produced and mixed by Siri Austeen 
Recorded at Observatoriet with Kenneth Ishak, additional recordings at Austeen Studio. 
Mastered by Adam Badí Donoval 
Translation of Buskagitasjon (on) paper Gabrielle Paré 
Documentation Erik Mowinckel 

Supported by Arts and Culture Norway, BKH 
Released by Breton Cassette May 2024 

Track 2 - Natural Navigator is dedicated to the dearest Turning Star. 

- Dezerter marked in Tbilisi, Georgia 
- Santa Maria, Sal, Kapp Verde 
- A backyard in Oslo a rainy summer night 
- A forest in Tistedal, Norway. 
- From a night walk in Vermaaklikheid, Western Cape, Sør-Afrika 

There are principles of growth that appear suddenly. Amorphous, rooted and revolutionary, they spill over mossy edges and viscous communities, indistinctly connected by actions and branch-shaped structures – in Public Space, in Public Time... in Public. The bark splits, the beard hangs, the raft capsizes and the flag rips. 

And in the bush – from every branch and crossing twig – hangs a drum, an opaque skin that displaces air in a flutter for essential life, for discovery and for new ways of being. Trembling, involuntary movements, energies happening and happening; we are happening and happening; now is happening and happening. There is no longer any point in patience with 
public ideals nor estimated incomes because, on this apple peel of a soil with which the globe is covered, a weakened faith in intensity as a prism for understanding is replaced by another prism to rely on, intimacy. 

The story behind – keeps the story in front. Here, a renewed belief in an ethical, transnational presence bubbles up; that how we appear to each other in our full breadth matters, and that the movement found in a faintly quivering membrane means something, that the resonance in snow and skeleton means something, that everything opens. 
Evaporating, condensing, falling, loosening moored boundaries disguised as swaying kelp forests, or rooms – too hot, too cold – for us and our species. 

The places we never get to and the moments when the self ceases to matter mean something. Evolution and ecology are also informed there. Coordinates are created, a wealthof orientation points, and if we draw a line between them, a branching mandate is made 
clear, held up by small and large movements that shift, nourish, reflect, warn, cradle, shake out realities – holding them up before us – in us. 

S.A. Tides and Wanderings track 4  

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