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Breton Cassette, in collaboration with Stockholm based Mount Analogue are proud to announce release # 034


TWIN BEAKS by Vonna-Michell and Henning Lundkvist 

Recently my studio was transformed by a large delivery of hundreds of boxes of materials, many of which contained works, often seemingly incomplete and undefined works by my dad. Amongst the varied artefacts hastily assembled into large plastic containers was my dad´s publishing project Balsam Flex, small press paraphernalia and a mishmash of sound recordings. For the edition Twin Beaks the genesis of the collaborative sound composition between Henning Lundkvist and me was the sifting through dispersed sound recordings and ephemera; to record, select, listen, discuss, edit and attempt to pry open some sense of orientation and meaning. 

Dubbed onto old eagled tapes, wrapped in surplus paper stock, and published in an edition of 22 by Breton Cassette and Mount Analogue are basement dynamics from-one-generation-to-the-next-and-back in the shape of a 15 minute work carved out from +5 hours of recordings, cut-up in the vein, possibly, of the original tape material - gone through and talked over and recorded in basements in Stockholm in late 2022 - excavated from the boxes and the piles and the residue making up the archives
of Balsam Flex, an underground cassette label run from the end of the seventies and throughout the eighties by E E Vonna-Michell. 

I am honoured to be able to share a small amount of the Balsam Flex archives. Thanx to Tris and Henning for including Breton Cassette in this project.


Tris Vonna-Michell works in various media and is based in Oslo and Stockholm. He is currently a professor of contemporary art at the Art Academy, KHiO, Oslo.Vonna-Michell’s work utilises a plethora of technical devices, modes of presentation and installational approaches, encompassing performance, audio recordings, slide projections, poetry, sound poetry, printed matter, photography and film.

Henning Lundkvist is an artist and writer living in Copenhagen. He has written numerous texts in relation to works and shows by other artists, exhibits every once in a while, does readings and performances more regularly, and runs the occasional semi-private exhibition space Ch'ien Chien out of his living room.

Twin Beaks 

Henning Lundkvist & Vonna-Michell 

Audiotape edition of 20 + 2AP 

Published by Breton Cassette and Mount Analogue 

Mastered by Adam Badí Donoval

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