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Breton Cassette proudly share BC # 043


Vom Institut by IEOGM - importers exporters of general machandise

IEOGM is a collaboration between Marie Vermont and the concept horse, founded in Vienna in 2022:

"We seek to grow our machandise by composing the import and export needs of noise makers, offering delectable cable salads and uncertain chromatic values in all that we do. Supported by a professional and motivated team of field recordings, state-of-the-art technologies and mallets, we guarantee you unstable and untrustworthy analog sounds in Vienna and beyond. importers exporters of general machandise: sonic integrity, extreme panning and knobknowledge."

All music performed live by IEOGM at The Institute of Sleepless Nights part 1- studio Matsune in Vienna in 2022.

includes quatrax, tetrax, minicassette, tape, mixer, recorder, memory woman, contact mic, mallets, cables, electricity, rubber, balls. 


The release comes with a risograph printed j card and booklet with 35 mm photographs by the concept horse, text artefacts by Michikazu Matsune and paintings by Marie Vermont, printed at SOYBOT.


Big <3 to IEOGM  - happy to be releasing your work, and follow all the great things you do, both as a duo and with separate projects


Edition of 40

Mastered by Adam Badí Donova

Documentation: Erik Mowinckel 

Marie Vermont lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She is moving between music and fine arts and plays and records solo aswell as in different formations: IEOGM (w/ the concept horse), Micro Mata (w/ RSMA), WIEN DIESEL and others. She co-organizes the concert series „knopfwissen“ in Vienna. Marie Vermont combines electronic, unprogrammable analog devices with tape, electro acoustics, cables and graphic scores within improvisation and performed i.a. at Velak, Czirp Czirp, Viennale and Hyperreality (Wiener Festwochen).

the concept horse composes and releases music constructed from an array of physical sound sources that relies as much on repetition and slight change as it does on analog error, chance and unrepeatability. He co-organizes the concert series „knopfwissen“ in Vienna, runs the label eë editions and is one half of the duo IEOGM (w/ Marie Vermont). the concept horse has released solo and collaborative sounds on phncrs, flophouse, FALT, Gracious Host, Beach Buddies Records and czaszka [rec.]. Recent live performances in the USA, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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