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Breton Cassette is proud to share release # 037 

while its warm by Ayami Suzuki and Leo Okagawa


while it's warm, a collaboration between Leo Okagawa and Ayami Suzuki is a slow and careful mix of electronics, vocal, guitar, and field recording from everyday life. 

Rain, humming, sounds from an open window, steps, electronic interference;  all woven together as in a veiled texture, not unlike our memories, they too eventually become veiled. 

As diarists, Okagawa and Suzuki share their everyday sounds and invite the listener into something close and mundane. They reconstruct, combine and mix their stories  into 6 subtle, poetic and melancholic soundworks, where the ordinary is given attention.

while it's warm is presented on cassette in a handmade envelope together with three still prints from one of Suzuki's video work.


Ayami Suzuki: Voice, guitar, portable cassette tape recorder

Leo Okagawa: Electronics, field recording


Thank you Ayami and Leo for making this cassette, and videowork; over a year of keeping in touch


Ayami Suzuki is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Using her voice and a range of effects, she creates site specific ambient soundscapes incorporating her folk influences in a synthesis of song-writing and improvisation. In addition to her musical pursuits, she is also a visual artist, using 8mm film to create captivating music videos. 


Leo Okagawa is a sound artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He started recording environmental sounds in 2014, and around that time he started making multilayered collage works from elements of recorded sounds, analog machine’s noise, and simple electric tone. . In 2022, he started his own record label, “zappak”, and has been publishing music by other artists on CD. other artists.


Mix: Leo Okagawa

Mastering: Adam Badí Donoval

Design/layout: Pernille Meidell

Documentation: Erik Mowinckel

while it's warm is supported by Association of Norwegian Visual Artists

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