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Breton Cassette presents release # 039 

With fingers slightly bent,  holding on to nothing


William Kudahl

Breton Cassette is proud to release With Fingers slightly bent, holding on to nothing by danish composer and artist William Kudahl 
This is Kudahls second release from Breton, following up on . say, [breath] 

Thank you William for giving us a pause in everyday life, and for our growing friendship. 


During a stay in Seydisfjordur in Iceland, I was spending an evening in the local church recording the organ together with a good friend. Sitting still, holding notes for a long time, saying nothing. 

On my way back on the ferry, I was reading a chapter in a book by Gaston Bachelard called Air and dreams, which he devotes exclusively to speaking about the sensation of flying and falling in dreams. 

It is with this image in mind—the dream of flight—I have composed these two pieces of music. 



Artwork Erik Mowinckel 
With finger sligthly bent, holding on to nothing is mastered by Adam Badí Donoval. 

Supported by Association of Norwegian Visual Artists. 
Thank you!

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