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Breton Cassette is proud and happy to announce release # 020 say, [breath] by William Kudahl.


William Kudahl works in a field between sonic and visual arts. His work explores topics such as ephemerality and invisibility, the in-between and the ordinary and often takes shape as sound works, radio broadcasts and written publications.


This mixtape is made with sound that has, for some reason, been discarded. I have found and collected the sound files from computer trash bin folders on computers at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark when I was studying music there myself. Thanks for buying this tape—I hope you’ll enjoy listening as much as I have




Breton cassette <>


Wed. Mar 31, 11:58 am


to william

Hey William!

Have had your cassette on for 3-4 times now and I think it is very very nice to listen to.

It is so well varied and a good listening experience. It is a good mix of musicality and spoken word.

I do also like for the b side that you reflect a bit on rejected files, sound not meant to be listened to / what is/turns out to be included/excluded in the selection, what we keep private.

It is sometimes conceivable that this is where the most authentic material appears, what do I know?

Look forward to releasing this!


all the best Pernille


Mastered by Jørgen Skjulstad
Documentation photos by Erik Mowinckel

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